Shout it Out!!

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I couldn’t help but feel a bit cynical when it came to a trend made famous by the likes of 90’s group Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  RELAX & WAR were common on T-shirts and gym gear. Slogans and phrases that we wouldn’t normally shout out for fear of being reprised,  were blazoned across T-shirts, handbags, and whatever else we wanted to show to the world or the mere passer-by heading for school or work.  However when Karen Walker joins other famous designers 20 years on in resurrecting this loud and bolshie trend, one has to stand up and take notice!     So I am finding myself digging in the darkest depths of my closet looking for my vintage Louis Vuitton slogan bag and possible items I may have kept when it was seriously uncool to be seen with a slogan or phrase anything!  The 2000’s phrases are a little tongue in cheek.  The 90’s kids have grown up and we are all a little more sophisticated.    A little more selective in what we want the world to see or how we feel. I’m loving this fashion trend we once happily waved good-bye to.  Karen Walker gives it subtle class and fashionista appeal. If Karen Walker endorses it then it must be OK! Cant wait to grab mine!

Pic credits: KarenWalkerFB, TheTrendsetter.Net, Pintrest,

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